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Data Activities

Mini-Sentinel uses a distributed data approach in which Data Partners maintain physical and operational control over electronic data in their existing environments. The Mini-Sentinel Common Data Model standardizes administrative and clinical information across Data Partners. Data Partners execute, within their own institutions’ firewalls, standardized computer programs (e.g., modular programs) provided by the Operations Center or project workgroups. Data Partners then share the output of these programs with the Operations Center and project workgroups, typically in aggregated form.

A key benefit of the distributed approach is that it minimizes the need to share identifiable patient information. Additionally, each health care data system has unique characteristics, and use of a distributed system better enables the Data Partner’s involvement in running analyses to ensure an informed approach to interpreting results.

Mini-Sentinel data activities fall into the following general categories. Additional information can be found by clicking on the link to each section.

Page Updated: 12/23/2014